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1 year subscription

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We need your support!


Organroxx Radio has been active since July 2017. Until today, all operating costs were financed by a generous patron, but of course this cannot continue. That is why we need your support. Protect Organroxx by contributing €38 a year, that's the price of one coffee a month. You will get a lot in return. Thank you for securing the future of this unique platform.

38€ per year = 1 coffee per month = less than 11 cents per day

    What do you get?

    • not 1 but 3 radio channels

    • no adverts

    • discount in the webshop

    • detailed info of the broadcasted tracks

    And in the future?

    • to be able to listen in CD quality

    • an extended database search system

    • more theme channels

    • creation of an app for greater listening comfort

    The 3 radio channels

    Organroxx Radio



    • Your organ radio without advertisements
    • Playlists with the most beautiful organs
    • You'll hear the latest CDs here first
    • We commemorate the birthdays and deaths of organists and composers

    Bach Radio



    • Only organ music of the Bach family
    • Nearly 20,000 "Bach" tracks online
    • Both new and historical recordings
    • On Sunday the Bach Cantata for the time of the liturgical year

    Divine Radio



    • Organ and choir music
    • Religiously inspired
    • Follows the liturgical calendar
    • On Sunday, Wednesday and Friday the Bach Cantata for the time of the liturgical year
    Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok


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