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Gunnar Idenstam

SWE Umeå, Tegs Kyrka: Grönlund Orgelbyggeri 1973 [IV P 50]


T.DUBOIS [Suite pour le temps de Noël] - Petite Pastorale champenoise

Helga Schauerte



Gunnar Idenstam


T.DUBOIS Offertoire

Helga Schauerte

Gothic Stories

Swedish concert organist Gunnar Idenstam makes the 1961 Pels organ in Hoogstraten, renovated by Verschueren Orgelbouw, shine in an original way with the Berlin percussion duo DoubleBeats.

This recording is the result of two night s work improvising on some musical ideas by Gunnar which evolved into a "gothic" story born out of the ruins of the late Gothic Church of St. Catherine (Hoogstraten), which was demolished in 1944 by the departing German troops.  

The end result is a cinematic musical explosion in which Gunnar's almost elusive virtuosity nestles poetically in the compelling groove of DoubleBeats. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy this magical swirl of sound. 

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