1 year Organroxx Premium

1 year Organroxx Premium

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● subscription for 1 year
● your own unique URLs
● is not renewed automatically

    What do you get with Organroxx Premium?

      3 radio channels for 1 year

    • Organroxx Radio

    • Bach Radio

    • Divine Radio

     completely ad-free

     discount in the webshop

    • 30% on Organroxx (cd's & downloads)

    • 10% on all other downloads

    •  5% on all other articles

     detailed info of the broadcasted tracks 

    The 3 Premium radio channels:

    Organroxx Radio



    • The classical organ radio ad-free
    • Playlists with the most beautiful organs
    • The latest CD's you hear here first
    • We continue to commemorate the organists and composers.

    Bach Radio



    • Organ music of the Bach family only
    • Nearly 20,000 "Bach" tracks online
    • Both new and historical recordings
    • On Sunday the Bach Cantata(s) for the time of the liturgical year

    Devine Radio



    • Organ and choir music
    • Religiously inspired
    • Follows the liturgical calendar
    • On Sunday, Wednesday and Friday the Bach Cantata(s) in the liturgical year

    And in the future?

      be able to listen in CD quality

     our gigantic database online

     increased radio channels

     create an app for greater listening comfort

    With your Premium subscription you support this unique platform that wants to ensure the future of the organ in the 21st century. Do not underestimate your contribution. Long live the King of instruments!