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J.ZWART Morgenzang

Ewald Kooiman

NDL Kampen, Bovenkerk: A.A.Hinsz 1743/F.C.Schnitger & H.H.Freytag 1790/Bakker & Timmenga 1975 [IV P 56]


J.B.LITZAU Heut singt die liebe Christenheit op. 27/6

Ewald Kooiman


J.ZWART Morgenzang

Ewald Kooiman


W.VAN TWILLERT Grande Prelude Pastorale e Patetico (Psalm 80)

Willem van Twillert

Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Louis Thiry ° 15 02 1935   + 27 06 2019

Louis Thiry was seriously injured at the end of World War II: he lost his sight and several parts of his fingers. This did not prevent him from recording a fantastic Messiaen complete works in 1972. This recording earned many prizes and the respect of Olivier Messiaen.

He studied with Jeanne Demessieux, André Marchal and Rolande Falcinelli. Afterwards he was professor of organ in Metz and in Rouen with, among others, Benjamin Allard as his student.

have a look at his In Memoriam playlist this Friday July the 5th

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