The new music label of Organroxx is a fact!

Aurélien Fillion - Madoka Nakamaru & Wouter Dekoninck

Not every week a new music label is created, especially not one with a focus on the organ. But it fits Organroxx perfectly! Organroxx wants to promote the organ on one hand and on the other give a chance to young, promising musicians to develop. In our new online shop you can not only buy the actual CD but also download the music files in different resolutions from the everyday MP3 to the audiofile 192 KHZ. You can pay with a bank transfer (EU only), credit card or PayPal. 

In the team of Organroxx Music we have Paul Baluwé (sound engineer), Sebastian Smulders (Design), Bart Cabanier (Video), Multidisc (Production) and the enthusiastic spirit of Nico Declerck.

01 Visages de l'orgue français - Aurélien Fillion - Le Royer 1662/Potvlieghe 1997


02 Sechs Sonaten BWV 1014-1019 - Madoka Nakamaru & Wouter Dekoninck


03 Celtic Spirit - Hans-André Stamm, Andrea Will & Martin Schröder

begin april '18

04 Triduum (Music for the Passion) - Vocem Flentium

begin april '18

05 [Bach]2 The Art of Transcription - Hildebrandt Consort o.l.v. Wouter Dekoninck

begin mei '18

06 Mixture, the night sessions - Bart Wuilmus, Jo Hermans & Cantabo

begin mei '18

Organroxx has several CDs more than once and there are looking for a home!

In the two years Orgelradio/Organroxx Radio exists we've got several albums twice. To be precise, we have 84 different albums more than once and they take a lot of place. So please, support Organroxx Radio by bying those CDs for a symbolic price. You help us in several ways. Often they are still wrapped in plastic, sometimes not when they were private gifts. You can see them here. Have Fun!