Already 5 labels joined the Organroxx Shop.

A new chapter for Organroxx.

Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Organroxx Shop

The Organroxx Shop wants to develop into thé place to buy organ recordings : CDs and Downloads (FLAC 24/96, FLAC 16/44.1, MP3 320 and even DSD and 5.1). For every sold item Organroxx gets a percentage. So please support the free organ radio  by buying a great recording from our shop!

Next to me on the picture you see a happy Steve Long, managing director of Signum Records, winner of the Gramophone Magazine's Label of the Year award. Their entire collection of organ recordings is now available in the Organroxx Shop.

In the very near future Organroxx Shop wants to include a dozen labels becoming the biggest distribution platform regarding organ recordings.

When you've bought Downloads the links will stay accessible in your account. So if your computer is stolen or crashed, at least your Downloads are still safe in your account. Click  here for more specific info about downloads. 

The Outlet division contains CDs Organroxx received twice. Sometimes they are  still wrapped in plastic, sometimes not. Those CDs take up to much place and it is to expensive to send them back. That's why you can buy them for peanuts and support at the same time the free Organroxx Radio.

If you see a small shopping cart appear in the player of Organroxx Radio, you know immediately that this recording is for sale in the Organroxx Shop. In addition, you can pre-listen every track legally for 45 seconds. That way you buy exactly what you were looking for.